Exchange between Rafa and Roger at the net after their quarterfinal last night

Rafa: Is your back hurting?
Roger: Oh, I’m fine.
Rafa: Hope you feel better soon.
Roger: Thanks.


Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal: Indian Wells 2013


This tournament is already 900% better.

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There is an argument that Rafa was the best player of the year because we don’t know how he would have played in the remaining 6 months. We hope he’s back next year so we can have this conversation again.
— Roger Federer (via rafaelnadalfans)
Obviously we do miss Rafa. He also belongs here, he’s won a slam this year. I would love to see him here and playing again.
The draw is potentially a little easier, there’s no denying that, because Rafa is a great champion.
It’s obviously never the same if Rafa doesn’t enter the tournament… Of course we all wish the best for him and to return quickly.
— Roger Federer (via veniaven)



It’s too amusing that during the French show yesterday, Rafa was pictured with two people on the giant screen - Mary and Roger. His significant others, no? ;-P


Translates as:

I remember every one of the matches I’ve played against Roger! Thanks for the summaries in these videos!”

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